Mini Card Lamp!

Mini card lamp

Credit card with the same size, it is easy on the wallet inside. Such a small card can be used for lighting actually, it's very interesting model, the internal shape of a hollow bulb, the time when the needs of lighting could be the "light" up to, you can light up

Products Features:

* The size is the same as credit card and need no wires. It is very convenient because you can place it inside the wallet. A such small card can be used for illumination, the design is so funny. The interior has a LED light bulb, when you need to illuminate, you can just fold "Light Bulb" up then the light will turn on. If you put " Light Bulb" down, the light will turn off. You can use it anytime and anywhere

- How to change the battery instruction:

* Features: ultra-thin, ultra-light, portable, lighting function
* Product use: advertising, lighting, jewelry, ornaments, gifts, brand marketing
* Power supply: 3V button battery CR1216 (included)
* Dimension: 8.6 x 5.3cm
* Material: ABS

Items Include:

* Mini Card LED Pocket Lights x1

See YouTube below:

Recommended Retail Price of USD$7.90 (Shipping not included)

ONLY 500yen! 

*(Shipping by LetterPack 350yen)



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